Jeanie Wade, Vice President and Teddy (Theodore Roosevelt.)
Hero Dogs - Service Dogs for America's Heroes - whose purpose is
to train and place service dogs with military veterans who have
been injured and/or disabled while serving in the U.S. Armed
Forces to assist with daily activities.  Hero Dogs, Inc. provides
service dogs to disabled veterans at zero cost to the veteran.  
Located in Brookville, MD, Hero Dogs currently has 12 dogs in
training which takes 2 1/2 years.
Teddy, a 2 year old golden
retriever, demonstrates his
service skills...He still has
about 4 months of training  
before he is assigned to a
Cosmo Hostesses:  Julie, Barbara, & Ellen
posing with Teddy, were the co-champions for
the Iris Lounge Happy Hour...150+ attended...
Cosmo Leap Year Happy Hour at
Iris Lounge - February 29, 2012