Please help us do a better job of providing you with quality fun events by telling us what you liked and what
you did NOT like about past Cosmopolitans events you have attended.  Basically, we want your "feedback".  
We would like to know what you would do if you were in charge of planning a Cosmopolitans event.

We have a few specific questions below that we would like your input/feedback on.  But what we really want are
your thoughts and suggestions about what YOU think would make your time spent with The Cosmopolitans
more enjoyable and more fun for all!  

Please take a moment to give us your thoughts, and we'll do our best to incorporate your suggestions/coments
(either positive or negative) in planning our future events.
Feedback...An Ongoing Survey/Questionaire
Re Cosmopolitans Events...Past and Future
What are two things you like/dislike about our events?
What suggestions do you have to improve our events?
What are your feelings about dancing to a live band vs a DJ?
Would you be willing to pay $100 to $150 per ticket for dinner, dancing,
and an open bar at exceptional venues such as Embassies, Art Museums,
and Historical/Landmark locations in the Metropolitan area?
What Ticket Price Range would you be willing to pay to attend
"Exceptional" Cosmopolitan Events held at Unique/Interesting Locations?:
Over $155
Other Price Range for Tickets to Cosmo Events:
Your Additional Comments, Suggestions, and Feedback:
Thank You for Your Comments and Suggestions!
The Cosmopolitans
Cosmopolitans Feedback Survey/Questionare